Jackson has big dreams for his future, but without support, they remain out of reach 

15 June 2022 / Donation, Supporters

At Youth Opportunities we believe all young people deserve the opportunity to create a better future for themselves. 

But the harsh reality is that for those experiencing disadvantage, no matter how hard they work, a life impacted by poverty can make a better future near impossible to achieve.  

That’s why we need your donation today to support young people like Jackson to overcome the ongoing barriers they face in life. 

At just 16, Jackson, a graduate of our Personal Leadership Program has already decided on the future he wants. And, with studying at University in his sight, he is working extra hard to make that future a reality. 

Although Jackson has his goals planned and sees a better future for himself, his ability to achieve these goals without support remains out of reach. 

Jackson lives below the poverty line, both of his parents are not working, and his family struggles to pay the bills, let alone support him with his schooling needs 

He has no computer and internet access at home, which makes doing his homework an extra challenge. At school, he has to borrow a laptop just to keep up in class which embarrasses him – he feels judged by his peers, isolated, and like he doesn’t fit in. 

For young people like Jackson, the support Youth Opportunities provides to achieve their goals must extend after they complete their Personal Leadership Program. This is why in 2017, we introduced our scholarship support program which helps remove any ongoing financial barriers and ensures that no young person who has the will to succeed is left behind. 

Today, I am asking you to consider making a donation in support of our scholarship program, to support young people like Jackson to overcome the financial barriers they continue to face in pursuit of their future education and career goals. 

Our latest scholarship round had almost 60 deserving young people apply for support – but we were only able to award 47 scholarships. With your help I know we can ensure that all future deserving applications can be funded so we do not need to turn any young person away. 

Fortunately, Jackson was one of the recipients who we were able to award a laptop in this round, and he shared with us just how much it will mean to him. 

By having my own computer I will not need to keep borrowing one every day to do my work at school which will mean I won’t get behind in my assignments. By having one I can use at home I can do the extra study, which will help my grades improve. This will give me the best start this year going into Year 12 in preparation for University.”  

Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and investment in our youth. 

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