YO Team: City-Bay Fun Run 2019

19 October 2019 / Team

The Youth Opportunities team, in this year’s Westpac City-Bay Fun Run, probably best aligned itself with one of our Personal Leadership Program concepts – Decide to Grow!

From our CEO, Erin, who, not only threw herself into the challenge of running 12km, but also a fundraising target which – if reached – would see her swimming with sharks (and she is almost there if you would like to donate, click here), to our Head of Training, Larry, who, has been smashing the 5km park runs since arriving in Adelaide from the UK, and set himself the challenge to run the full 12km.

Then there was Hannah, our Training Services Lead, who, in her own words ‘is not a runner’, but she laced up, to show our young people she practices what she preaches in choosing growth for herself and ran the full 12km! There were a number more participants and they were all just outstanding!

The team were also joined by Youth Opportunities graduate, Lauren, who has never missed participating in the City-Bay, and this year joined Team YO! to show other young people how important physical health is in maintaining your mental health. We would like to say thank you, Lauren, and we salute you!

Youth Opportunities Partnership Manager, Mel, walked the 12km and shared with us her thoughts on the day:

“I love the fact, first of all, that it was Erin as CE who instigated our team participating, and having our graduate Lauren join us was really great. It reminded us why we do what we do at Youth Opportunities – to give young people the chance to be the best versions of themselves.

It was great to meet up as a team before the event, to support and encourage one another, and at the end of the event we celebrated together. I think this really reflects who Youth Opportunities is as an organisation, and what we value.

I hope other partners and supporters will join Team YO! in the City-Bay in 2020. It would be fantastic if we could show all the young people we support that, we as a community, stand alongside them in choosing growth and challenging ourselves to be our best too – and hopefully raising lots of money to support them as well!”

If you or your business is interested in joining Team YO! in the City -Bay 2020, please send an email or get in touch.

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